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Revolutionary tools for ocean simulations: We offer a whole new perspective of the complexity of oceanography and what is going on under the surface of the ocean in the near shore environment. No need to create your own grids, or buy expensive computing resources. Go straight to the analysis, focus your time on what really matters, and get the answers you are looking for in minutes instead of months. After using our tools the Ocean will never look the same again.

Gimlingssundet - validation

Model validation: If you have recorded time series with sensor data and want to validate our models please get in touch. Within 24 hours we can give an overview of how well our models corresponds to your area of interest. See our model validation page for more detail.

About us

With more than 20 years of expertise in Oceanography, Marine ecology, Software development, Scientific computing and Parallel programming we are now putting it all together into a service that will redefine oceanography forever.

The Oceanbox team

Oceanbox.io pledge to contribute to UN’s sustainability goals in the following areas:

The global goals for sustainable development
  1. Advance ocean research and innovation by developing a high-resolution model of the movements in the sea and make it readily available. [9,14]
  2. Help protect marine habitats such as coral reefs through precise simulation of how particles move in the ocean. [13,14]
  3. Help reduce carbon emissions through more efficient route planning supporting more energy-efficient practices and sustainable transport. [9,13,14]
  4. Contribute to minimizing operational hazard and impact on the environment due to ocean currents, supporting sustainable industrialization in rural coastal areas by making innovative tools available to better understand and control the ocean environment. [9]
  5. Strengthen disaster resilience and reduce damage to infrastructure in coastal areas. [9]
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Our Services

oceanbox.io provides services including forecasts, interactive transport- and sedimentationanalysis, all wrapped within a user friendly interface with amazing graphics. Ideal for planning of operations and estimating environmental impact.


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